Book Review: Found Object

Found Object by Anne Frasier

Print Length: 271 pages

Kindle Length: 269 pages

Audiobook Length: 8 hours 40 minutes

Published: 2019

From Amazon:

Culpable in an exposé gone tragically wrong, investigative journalist Jupiter Bellarose takes her boss’s advice: head back to her hometown for a fluff piece and get her world in balance. But in Savannah, the past is waiting.

Twenty years ago Jupiter’s mother, actress and celebrated beauty Marie Nova, was murdered, leaving many in her wake: Jupiter’s father, who has erased memories of his wife’s murder with alcohol. The matriarch of the cosmetics company who helped make Marie a star—and who takes every opportunity to reopen old wounds. Then there’s the fragile cop with blood on his hands, and the killer whose confession no longer seems convincing.

With so many lingering questions, Jupiter must revisit the grisly event that has influenced every decision in her life. Maybe her homecoming will bring closure.

Or maybe the worst is yet to come.

Whoa! The twists. They are a twisty. I was not expecting the ending to this book—and just when you think it’s wrapped up—oh no it isn’t!

I listened to the audiobook for this one and I wasn’t too sure about it when I first started listening to it. I read a review that said the writing seemed off and disjointed, and yes it was in the beginning—but it makes sense. The main character, Jupiter Bellarose, was leaving a mental health facility and was coming off a sedative so the disjointedness made sense. I’m not sure I would have kept reading if I was actually reading it, so I’m glad I went with the audiobook.

I give this 5 toads.


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