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  • What Can I Use Instead of Sad?

    What Can I Use Instead of Sad?

    Does your work involve a character that is sad? Are you or another character repeatedly describing that character’s sadness? Don’t use “they were sad”, “she was sad”, or “he is sad” every time you describe it. Use a more descriptive word to paint a picture of how sad or upset the character is. Let’s look…

  • 10 Dialogue Story Prompts

    Here are 10 dialogue prompts to get your creative juices flowing. Ready, Set, Write!

  • Hope


    There is hope in the darkness I know it I just need someone to show me Maybe write down the rules for how to live without doubt I need a good map or a small hint on where to find this hope you seem to know a great deal about it please do tell me…

  • Fifteen Story Prompts to Spark Your Next Work

  • life is not a spectator sport

    Life is not a spectator sport. I feel like that’s all I do Feel like I’m just on the outside looking in Everyone is living their lives I’m living to die Something needs to change No one can keep this up Only watching They must have a cheat code A manual of some kind Something…