What Can I Use Instead of Sad?

Does your work involve a character that is sad? Are you or another character repeatedly describing that character’s sadness? Don’t use “they were sad”, “she was sad”, or “he is sad” every time you describe it. Use a more descriptive word to paint a picture of how sad or upset the character is.

Let’s look at 15 words you can use instead of sad.

  1. Bitter
  2. Melancholic
  3. Mournful
  4. Despondent
  5. In grief
  6. Low-spirited
  7. Sorrowful
  8. Heavy-hearted
  9. Heartsick
  10. Languishing
  11. Bereaved
  12. Dejected
  13. Depressed
  14. Grief-stricken
  15. glum

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