11 (More) Prompts to Jump Start Your New Story

Ready. Set. Write!

  1. I felt fingers curl over my shoulder and then…
  2. “Hello? Is anyone there?”
  3. A shiver ran down her spine as a long drawn out creak emanated from down the hall.
  4. The knock on her bedroom door startled her awake.
  5. The tornado siren screamed in the distance as he scanned the area for shelter.
  6. They hugged the bag tight to their chest practically running the mile home from the thrift store.
  7. A large white envelope with gold trim fell from the stack of mail as she threw it on the counter.
  8. Too bad there wasn’t a manual on how to haunt a house, Tom could really use one right now.
  9. How far does this lie go? What else is she hiding? Hundreds of questions ran through her mind as she tried to wrap her head around what she had just experienced.
  10. The Victorian house at the end of the street stuck out like a sore thumb in a neighborhood of single-story ranch homes.
  11. Dear Diary, You’ll never guess what happened.

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