10 Characters to Write a Story About

Who is your story about?

  1. An elderly couple trapped in a house in the middle of nowhere.
  2. A construction worker finds clothes sticking out of newly poured cement.
  3. A juror drops dead during deliberations.
  4. A retail store worker walks through a mysterious door and ends up in another world.
  5. A game designer who finds something weird in the game code.
  6. A geologist who notices an odd pattern in the rock formations in an area.
  7. An orphan moves to a new town and keeps having déjà vu moments.
  8. A young adult inherits a dilapidated house in another country.    
  9. An astronaut sees a natural disaster forming on the planet below them.
  10. A group of friends on a road trip discover something strange on the side of the road.

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