What Can I Use Instead of Very _____?

Using the same word over and over repeatedly can make our writing very boring monotonous. It can also make it look similar to other writers’ works. Many writers use the word very before words to describe things. That isn’t very particularly descriptive and sometimes it isn’t very clear apparent what you are trying to describe.

Let’s look at 10 words commonly used with very and what we can use instead.

Very coldBitter, freezing, brisk, frigid, frosty
Very warmRed-hot, blistering, boiling, sizzling, sweltering
Very oldAntiquated, timeworn, aged, elderly, lot of mileage
Very upsetAgitated, berserk, crazed, bothered, overwrought, delirious, rattled
Very badAwful, appalling, detestable, dreadful, horrendous
Very stupidAsinine, absurd, cretinous, foolish, half-witted, idiotic, moronic, witless
Very weakFrail, anemic, sickly, powerless, feeble,
Very confusedBaffled, befuddled, distracted, perplexed, puzzled
Very sorryApologetic, contrite, regretful, remorseful, conscience-stricken, repentant
Very sureAssured, confident, convinced, positive, certain

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