Fifteen Story Prompts to Spark Your Next Work

  1. “Cash or card?” The cashier’s words jolted her from her thoughts.
  2. “Why am I defending him?”
  3. My dreams have always haunted me. The only difference now is that one of them has come true. 
  4. I crossed my arms over my chest and just stared at him.
  5. The hallway seemed to stretch for miles as she struggled to make her way to safety. 
  6. As she stared at the dust billowing up from the taxi that just dropped her off, she wondered if she had made the right decision. 
  7. “Did you hear that,” he whispered as a creak emanated from upstairs. 
  8. The amber-colored sky seemed to wrap around her like a comfortable blanket. 
  9. The elevator slammed to a halt on the twenty-third floor and there could be only one reason why.
  10. The flight to Austin was uneventful if you don’t count the screaming baby in row eleven or the fact that I was handcuffed to a mysterious man.
  11. I wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.
  12. The bell rang six times in the distance and then silence engulfed the town again.
  13. “We can’t stay here. We must keep moving.”
  14. “Is he dead?”
  15. “I’m asking you to trust me.”

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