Fifteen First-Lines Story Prompts

  1. It’s pretty awful really; the way it all went down.
  2. The fog covers the path ahead, making it harder and harder for them to find their way.
  3. It was a twenty-two-hour drive to Aspen, Colorado and she was stuck in a car with the person she hated the most. 
  4. You can still just make out where this wide field used to be a highway, before ‘it’ happened and made cars a thing out of a science fiction novel.
  5. She awoke to the tip-tap of her dog’s nails on the floor—only she hadn’t had a dog in twenty years. 
  6. I guess this is how I’m going to die.
  7. Twenty years ago, a pandemic swept through the world, and we are still trying to recover.
  8. I think there is a dead man on my living room floor.
  9. They smiled and held out their hand.
  10. She listened to the phone against her ear.
  11. Her eyes flicked around the screen as she worked.
  12. He hadn’t seen her so happy since…
  13. I stood on the sidewalk outside my childhood home and attempted a game of “spot the difference.”
  14. All four of the guests sat silently around the table each waiting for someone else to begin the inevitable conversation on the reason they were there.
  15. The bar wasn’t crowded for a Friday evening, but it was a small town.

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