Tips to Read More


In a read-a-thon (or reading marathon), you’ll dedicate a set amount of time (24 hours for example) to just reading. You can join one with other people or be the sole participant. A read-a-thon can help if you’re stuck on what to read next since many come with a theme or recommendations. Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon is a read-a-thon I’ve seen recommended over and over.

Reading Challenges

Reading challenges can help you read more because they can be fun and like a game. When things are fun, we tend to want to do them more. Feel free to check out the below challenges:

The Storygraph Reading Challenges

Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge


Reading multiple books at once can help you consume more books and keep you from getting bored. You can keep one on your nightstand, one that you bring with you when out of the house, and one in the living room.

If you don’t think reading multiple books at the same time will work for you, try multitasking by listening to an audiobook while you clean, cook, or exercise.


Establish reading goals, but don’t go overboard. Start by creating an achievable goal. You could aim to read a specific number of pages per day or a certain number of novels per month. If your initial goal is too easy, you can raise it or add to it.

Never leave home without it

Keep a book on your phone (through the Kindle app or similar) or in a bag and carry it with you everywhere. Having something already picked out keeps you from wasting time trying to find something when you only have a few minutes. Then, you can use your commute time if you ride the bus or carpool (or listen to an audiobook if you’re driving) or enjoy some reading time while waiting for an appointment or meeting to start.

Listen Up!

Try audiobooks. It’s NOT cheating. People learn and retain information in different ways and some can’t do those things through reading the words off a page. Audiobooks can make books go from something to slug through to an enjoyable method of entertainment.

Short and Sweet

Try short stories. If you think you don’t have enough time to commit to a complete novel, try a collection of  short stories. You can read one in a few minutes and then if you don’t pick the book back up until the next week you won’t be lost because you’ll have moved on to a new story.

Try something different

Explore different genres. This can help keep you from comparing and contrasting the last book you read with your current read—and ruining the experience. It may also help with getting confused with similar plots or characters.

Let them come to you

Can’t make decisions. Try a book subscription box. Personally, I’ve tried, but they aren’t currently taking new subscriptions. I also get an email from BookBub that recommends books (including free ebooks)

What helps you to read more?


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