Benefits of Reading

Reduces stress

               Many studies recommend taking a walk or listening to music to reduce stress. However, a 2009 study showed a 68% reduction in stress by reading (for only 6 minutes!) which was more than a walk or listening to music provided. It has to be something you enjoy and isn’t upsetting—they don’t recommend the news.

Boosts vocab

               Reading a book exposes you to more words, which can improve your communication skills. This can help with careers since many employers seek candidates with soft skills, such as the capacity for effective communication.

Increases human understanding

               Literary fiction can enhance our ability to accept the opinions of others by making us more empathetic. It also increases our emotional intelligence (the ability to manage interpersonal connections wisely and empathically as well as the awareness, regulation, and expression of one’s emotions).

Increases longevity

               A 2016 study found that reading for 30 minutes or more each day can reduce death risk by 20%. The more your brain is able to develop and form new connections through reading, the more you maintain cognitive function and that will help prevent several memory diseases—leading to a longer life.

Makes you happier

               By escaping into the imaginary exploits of the characters, reading helps reduce emotions of loneliness and alienation from others. Self-help books can also be read by individuals to better understand their symptoms and discover coping mechanisms. The United Kingdom’s National Health Service even has a program (Books on Prescription) that prescribes self-help books for certain conditions

Does reading help you in your life?


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