5 Steps to Bringing Out Your Inner Author

Read as much as you write

How can you write a good story if you don’t know what makes a good story?

Reading Habit Log-Available on the Printables page

Clear your workspace of the unnecessary

Clean up the stacks of loose papers on your desk and delete the unused apps on your phone. Many writing apps have a feature that can allow you to write distraction free.

Don’t edit as you write

The first draft is about finding your story—it doesn’t have to be perfect. Take a break from your manuscript after you finish and then go back and revise and rework as needed.

Track your progress

Seeing your progress can motivate you to keep getting the job done. You can track the time you’ve spent writing or your ending word count each day.

Simple Word Count Log-Available on the Printables page

Consistency is Key

 Schedule time to write and stick to that schedule. It doesn’t even have to be daily.

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